Haier Pearl

UVC Sterilisation


The ultraviolet from the sunlight contains three types: UVA, UVB and UVC. The third one is the shorter, more energetic wavelength of the spectrum ranging from 200-280nm, which is particularly efficient in destroying genetic material.

The built-in LED UV lights emit rays near the air inlet from the right to the left when the function is turned on. The room air circulates into the air conditioner from air inlet, and passes through the area where air circulation are directly exposed to UVC rays and the airborne hazards is instantly killed, ensuring healthy air is delivered to your room.

UVC Sterilisation Certification

Haier’s UVC generator achieves Certificate of Inactivation on the Novel Coronavirus, from leading Texcell S,A, an independent viral testing laboratory in France.

Safe, Reliable Operation

It eliminates airborne hazards, with no harmful chemicals, no residuals, and no burden to the environment.

The global research organisation, concluded that the Haier UVC generator inactivates 99.998% of Novel Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) within their sealed test facilities.

Texcell certificate

56°C Steri-Clean

Kills bacteria and viruses by heating the evaporator to 56°C high temperature for 30+ minutes.


Smart Frequency Control

It intelligently adjusts the compressor frequency to control the coil temperature and then maintains the evaporator at 56°C high temperature.

High Temperature Sterilisation

Almost no bacteria and virus can survive at 56°C for 30+ minutes based on latest research. Once the heating process is done, the evaporator is cooled down instantly to achieve better Sterilisation performance.

Delivering Healthier Air

56°C high temperature sterilisation dries the components inside, and kills bacteria and virus, ensuring healthy air coming out of air conditioner.

Eliminates Bacteria

As a result of this process the viruses and bacteria are eliminated from both the exchanger and other surrounding components of the machine. The result is also tested by the SGS laboratories which have shown its effectiveness.

Self Clean

Cold expansion technology

The layer of frost that forms on the evaporator/condenser generates a strong force of cold expansion that easily removes dirt from the surface.

Express washing technology

Low-angle hydrophilic aluminium foil speeds up water drainage by 20%.

Antibacterial technology

The coating contains silver nanoparticles capable of effectively killing 99% of the bacteria by inhibiting their proliferation.

Increased energy efficiency

Our air conditioner always works at maximum cooling capacity with very high energy efficiency.

New Wi-Fi

Haier’s new Wi-fi “hOn” app, enables you to take control of all the Haier group appliances in your Smart Home from a single app on your smartphone or tablet.

The hOn app allows you to manage all the basic functions and much more. The app can also respond to voice commands because it is compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa.

Integrated Wi-Fi module

The Wi-Fi module is already built into the air conditioner. In order to control the units via smartphone or tablet it is necessary to download the hOn spp from the App Store, Google Play and Huawei AppGallery. You can also use the QR Code here to locate the app.

hOn app

Coanda Plus Airflow

Coanda Plus Airflow enables the air to flow further, faster and strong for even air distribution through out the room.

Archimedean Spiral

Archimedean Spiral

When the cooling mode is turned on, the cool air rises with 35° elevation to the ceiling, so users can avoid direct exposure to the cold airflow blowing out of the air conditioner. It is evenly dispersed from the ceiling to the floor of your room in a much more faster and more comfortable way.

Venturi Effect

Venturi Effect

When the heating mode is turned on, the warm air is delivered directly to cover the floor. And then the warm air circulates to the whole space, and ensures the temperature is balanced at every corner of your room.

Art Academy

Haier is teaming up with art students to design the best looking panel design. Pearl’s matt white finish will give students a brilliant canvas to showcase their creativities. Watch out for more information on our social media channels.

Art academy 1
Art Academy 2
Art Academy 3
Art Academy 4